Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Technology Fast?!?!

Yes - The Altitude Camp is instilling a technology fast for the first 3 days of each week (Wed - Fri). That means leaving your gadgets and gizmos in your bag
  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • ipods / mp3 players
  • pagers
  • palm pilots / PDAs
  • TV (except for group events or the Olympics are on)

Instead, bring boardgames, cards or other fun games to play with other Altitude folks. We really want to encourage you all to get to know each other and become BFFs. We'll have plenty of activities each of those days - so don't worry about being bored.

You'll hear more about the technology fast when you get to camp.

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THE DOC said...

Thanks Altitude Project for your input into one of your 2010 members from San Ramon Valley. When we were reviewing his experience, I was pleased to learn how integrated the Christian experience was with the person of Jesus without being religious yet stressing relationships. When he returned locally before heading off to Northern Arizona a relational tragedy occurred here locally when one of our elite runners from SRV accidently was involved with the death of a schoolmate albeit a year older while be a designated driver at a friend's birthday party. The tragedy weighs heavy on this fine young man's heart as well as the distraught community feeling from both youth's circles of influence. In short, it is a sad time here locally with the funeral tomorrow! But thanks be to Christ Jesus who died on the cross to offer this fine young man who was at the wrong place and the wrong time as a designated driver only to have a youth fall off the running boards of an SUV when the vehicle struck a speed bump in the road near the high school. May God comfort all involved as well as their circles of influence and may he use the seeds planted @ the Altitude Project to grow on good soil and bring forth a crop of genuine care and concern for all involved in this tragic accident in Danville, Ca. In short, thanks for planting the seeds of faith for without them it is impossible to please God and superficial to attempt to please others.